The Credit Disclosure Act changes

The new law change in short.

On June 17, 2010, the Riksdag decided to implement a change in the Credit Information Act. This adjustment of the law is important to know for you when applying for sms loans and borrowing money.

In summary, the change in law can be described in following points:

Anyone who makes a credit report must have a legitimate need for the information

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When a credit report is made, a copy must be sent to the person in question as long as it is a private person, an individual company, a limited liability company or a trading company

Inquiry information, ie information that a credit report has been taken must be deleted from the credit reporting company no later than one year from the time the credit report was taken

For you who are a customer of Ramsy Derks, this does not mean a major change except that, as of January 1, 2011, you will be informed when we make a credit report in connection with your loan application.

You will receive a request copy sent home from our credit information provider. If you join Kivra, which is an electronic mailbox online, you will receive the request copy from UC and Creditsafe with which Ramsy Derks is collaborating, to your e-mail instead.

What does this mean for you who are applying for SMS loan from Ramsy Derks?

Does it appear that I have applied for an SMS loan?

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No, it does not. The only thing that is registered when you apply for sms loans is the request for a credit report from the company that provides the information, which in turn is deleted no later than 1 year after the information was taken.

Ramsy Derks often gets asked if it appears that they have applied for a sms loan in connection with a completed credit report. When you apply for sms loans of up to SEK 10,000, the answer is no since the credit information is taken without UC.